We teaches effective self-defense techniques that may come in handy in real life. Judo help to build self-confidence and learn to control emotions.
True Judo Academy on Manhattan is a state-of-the-art judo academy located in the heart of New York City. We offer high-quality judo training for children and adults, based on the traditional values and techniques of this martial art.
Our academy is equipped with all the necessary equipment and has professional coaches with years of experience.
We aim to make judo classes accessible and engaging for everyone, regardless of age or level of experience. At True Judo Academy, you can not only learn the basics of judo, but also improve your physical fitness, develop self-discipline, and boost your confidence.
Judo Hall is a modern and well-equipped space designed for judo training. The hall has plenty of room for practicing various judo techniques and exercises. The floor is covered with soft mats to ensure safety during training sessions. There are also plenty of equipment available for practice, such as training bags, throwing dummies, and jump ropes.
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George Mitchel is a highly respected and experienced judo trainer based in New York City. He has been teaching judo for over 8 years and has seen countless students reach their goals through his guidance. Mitchel’s training style is both firm and supportive, helping students develop the physical and mental skills they need to succeed in judo and in life.
George mitchel
Patricia Williams is a dedicated and passionate judo coach based in Los Angeles, California. She has been coaching for over 7 years, and her students have achieved great success in the sport. Patricia’s teaching style is both supportive and challenging, helping her students reach their full potential. If you’re looking for a tough but caring judo coach, Patricia Williams might be just what you need.
patricia Williams
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